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Environmental Sketches by Cycrone Environmental Sketches by Cycrone
After watching some Cecil Kim videos I started trying the pre-hand perspective he kept talking about, pretty inspiring guy. These are just rough cuz I didn't have alot of time, but I had fun doing it. Still got a long way to go though, my perspective is garbage.
For sketches, they DO give me the idea of what you're conveying. With a few objects, I can't really differentiate weather it is one thing or another, but the perspective is spot on. Using cross-hatching is a awesome way to convey feeling of texture, such as the upper-left drawing. The building are symmetrical, which is good, and the spacing also well-thought through.
I'd like to see a bit cleaner sketch lines with the lower-left, in defining the flying creatures, but that's my PERSONAL opinion of the matter. All in all, very nice work, you have a creative eye for scenery and city-spaces of the fantasy realm!
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Right, so I'll see what I can do for a crit. Can't say I really know your practices well, so if I say anything you already know, just disregard it.

These are strong works for sketches. I get a good idea of the space, the composition is well done, and I can easily get the idea of scale for each place. I also can get a feel for the rough texture of each as well, so well done there!

The first piece is well done in its composition, and the gap between spaces feels huge. However, the platform in the foreground to the right feels strange, like it's slanting. With the very solid horizontal lines near it with the midground buildings, it fels sort of out of place. I think it's the line on the left of that platform that throws things off. The curve feels out of place. But that's the only thing that feels off, so kudos! Well done.

The second sketch does exactly what it seems like it should. It's an extreme perspective drawing, and gives a nice sense of space. I can tell this one took a bit longer than some of the others, but I'd be surprised if it didn't. The tube at the center seems a bit odd when you look at the base, but other than that, you nailed it.

The third of is great. It's a sketch, an I can't really say there's anything wrong with it from what I can tell. Looks good.

The Fourth is also quite successful. It looks fine, but maybe flipping it horizontally would give you new ideas on the slant of the buildings. They look fine now, but may distort in inaccurate ways that would be revealed when mirrored.

Overall, these are great sketches. I can definitely get a clear idea of what it feels like to be in each world. The erosion (or cleanliness in the second) in each piece is pretty specific, I can get a sense of how old or well maintained each place is. Kudos.
What do you think?
The Artist thought this was FAIR
2 out of 2 deviants thought this was fair.

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A-VeyZ Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Lovely sketches. I love the perspective in the second one.
Cycrone Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks. That second one was the hardest to do, not really sure how to proceed with that one.
A-VeyZ Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2013  Student Digital Artist
I believe you. Thats a very intense angle you got going there.
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January 22, 2013
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